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We can show you how to safely and easily lose between 20-35 pounds in the next 45 days!  All without exercise, drugs, counting points, buying prepacked meals, shakes, or nutrition bars. You'll feel energized, improve your age defeating antioxidants,  and you won't suffer from being hungry all the time.

So.....you ask????

Is it possible to safely and effectively lose 20-35 pounds in just 45 days?  Dr. Edwards has helped both men and women to do just that on a regular basis, and chances are good you can too.

  Losing weight can be difficult, especially if you go it alone.

Dr. Edwards gives his weight loss clients personal attention by walking with them through the weight loss process every step of the way.  The Dream Drops Weight Loss Protocol is a Physician-Supervised program. It can be done just as easily on-line and long distance as it is in person in the office.  There is perhaps nothing one could do to impact their health and quality of life more than losing that extra weight that has been there for too long.  

.....and weight loss isn't the only benefit!

Obesity is a modern day epidemic with both short and long term consequences ranging from poor self-image, lack of confidence, poor energy, depression, chronic inflammation, diabetes, neuropathy, heart disease, disabiltiies and early death. Take the step to take back your life!  Call or email me today!  812-275-3323.

Nicols' Success Story....IT COULD BE YOURS TOO!!!!

"So, my name is not Nancy and I don't usually do testimonials. However, this product is so amazing that I just have to tell you about my success! A little pricy, yes, but so worth it! I have steadily been gaining 2-3 pounds every year for the last several years. I've tried every diet out there with no success whatsoever, and usually even gained weight. Unfortunately, I am getting close to that "hormonal age" and knew that a lot of weight gain was related to stress hormones, etc. (I am even sleeping better now!). I joked to my friends that I even got kicked out of Weight Watchers! But with this program, as of today, I am down 20 lbs. I started this program on my birthday (August. 23rd). I have often dreamed of being able to eat anything I want with no limits, but by noon of the second "gorging" day, I thought I couldn't possibly put one more bite in my mouth. I forged ahead and was actually looking forward to the third day when I would reduce my food intake. The first week was a little rough but with drinking more than half my body weight in ounces of water, it actually helped fill me up. You don't think you can drink that much water because you don't like it?? Yes, you can! Just add fruit to it! I used slices of lemon, limes, oranges and grapefruit. Can't give up salad dressing? Yes, you can. Just squeeze fresh lemon it it. I even used lemon to add flavor to my veggies! Of course, I have eaten so much chicken and fish that I think I am sprouting "feathers and a fin"! But it was the easiest thing for me to eat as my husband likes to eat out all the time. I just started carrying a bottle of spices in my purse to jazz up the taste a little. My hardest time was evening when my sweet tooth kicked in. I found that a few bites of fresh fruit would do it. Did I still want chocolate, pizza, French fries, hamburgers and my beloved diet coke? You bet I did. But I actually couldn't wait to step on the scale every morning to see my results. Yes, I had a few days where I got "stuck". But don't despair! Dr. Jim has several tips and tricks up his sleeve to get you "unstuck"! I have finished the drops and am currently on maintenance. The first few days, I didn't lose any more weight but I didn't gain any either. Today I got on the scale and actually had dropped over a pound! Woo-hoo! I haven't weighed this amount since .... Well, I can't remember! At least since the late 90's!!!! I hope to lose about 5 more pounds! Probably the only thing that stuck with me from WW is "if you bite it, write it"! Keep a journal. It really helps track your weight, water intake and food. I wish you success on your journey to a skinnier you!"