Chiropractic Acupuncture Nutrition Wellness

Bedford Chiropractic has the best chiropractor in Bedford!

Dr. Jim Edwards is a Board Certified Chiropractor who has been providing Chiropractic treatment to Bedford area residents for over 25 years.

We offer multiple methods of treatment, specifically tailored to match your needs and wishes!

When indicated, we utilize traditional "by hand" treatment  to gently adjust your spine back into normal position and return your full movement patterns.
     In addition, we also utilize the arthrostim adjusting instrument. (see video) This is an extremely effective and gentle method of treating spinal and extremity problems.

Quick. When you think of acupuncture, what image jumps to your mind?
Needles? Right? 
Well not exactly wrong, but needles are just one way of many to treat an acupuncture point.
We utilize both needle and NON-NEEDLE techniques.
The results are often-times amazing!
Call schedule a no-cost consultation to see if it's right for you!


Nutrition....wellness.....and more!

Good health, total health, wellness is more than just the absence of pain. It is the full expression of your mental, physical, and spiritual health. And just like with the familiar computer phrase-- GIGO-- which means "garbage in, garbage out", our outward expression of health is only as good as what we put into our body.

Science and research continue to find that our daily diet directly effects our bodies and our minds. Providing our bodies with the proper nutrition it requires to function at optimum levels is not easy.  Unless we're eating from our own organic garden and eating our own grainfed livestock, it's next to impossible to get every nutrient our body requires from what we eat. The commercial food industry has made food more convenient but we pay the price with less nutrition in that food. 

That is why, for years I've supplemented by already good diet with even better organic vitamins, minerals, and herbs. I'm in my mid-50s and have a resting heart rate of 39 and blood pressure of 117/ 82. All without taking a single prescription medication. I take the very same supplements that I give my patients because I know they are the best. Simply that. If you're interested in building your health and immune system from the inside out, we can help.

In addition to proper diet, adding the proper vitamins, minerals, and herbs can have amazing beneficial results in improving all aspects of our health. Energy. Sleep. Peace of mind. Concentration. Hormonal balance.

For our patients that are interested, we utilize a combination of lab testing, saliva testing, computerized questionaires, and more to assess your nutritional and hormonal status and make the appropriate recommendations to bring out the best you!